Wake up and walk out the door with the convenience of

permanent make-up. From your daily sweat sesh at the gym

to weekend dips in the ocean, Bevin's impeccable artistry

will give you fabulous brows that last for years!

$400 Powdered Brows (initial appointment)

$100 Powdered Brows (follow up appointment 8-16 weeks)

$125 Brow Touch Up (4 - 12 months)

$150 Brow Touch Up (13 - 18 months)

$200 Brow Touch Up (19 - 24 months)

$350 Lash Enhancement(Liner) (top and bottom lashes)

$275 Lash Enhancement(Liner) (top or bottom only)

$100 Lash Enhancement(Liner) Touch Up (8-16 weeks)

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